Chinese trainee at Neuland-Medien

Riding 25 minutes through the farmland, cornfield and woods, and saying “Hallo” to cows, cattle and a little pony, then I start my day with Neuland-Medien. Breathing the air in the breeze, and a new day refreshes me. Just imagine how wonderful it is to welcome your work and life in such an enjoyable way, especially compared with starting the day with traffic jams and auto exhausts you have to endure in Chinese cities!

Directly connected with the farmland is the industry district. And this is the district where Neuland-Medien is placed. I am amazed by the harmony combination of industry and agriculture, nature and people. Blue sky and clouds are always there to catch my sight during the working intervals.

Frankly speaking it might because that this area is not a city-sized one, so it is out of problem of urbanization. But still it is worth to mention the pleasing working environment. It is hard to find a place other than here that is comfortable as well as convenient for working and living. The oriental regards the philosophy of “picking serenity up from noisy surroundings” as a high class taste and sentiment.

The whole town illustrates well this oriental philosophy in its industry and nature, work and life. So is Neuland-Medien. As an Internet company focusing on web design, Neuland-Medien needs inspiring and creating atmosphere. And so it does this. While providing the services for technical backup for customers’ webpages, Neuland-Medien needs practical and precise spirit. And also it does this. In a natural approach, Neuland-Medien integrates the two aspects well reasoned. This is what I regard highly of that it is passionate but also moderate, pragmatic but also innovative.

The whole team of Neuland-Medien is so well cooperated and then radiating the spirit towards me. Mutual coordination is running exquisitely like set routines. However, individual member possesses his personal working style. And it is definitely flexible for everyone to decide when, where and how to work. “We are a team”, a team for all but also a team for each.

It is even more worth to say from me that though Neuland-Medien currently is a small company but it is not confined within the boundary of the local town, local state and even local country. This can be seen quite straightforwardly from the friendly welcome of time and activities whole team spends with me. Neuland-Medien is open minded, so everyone accepts me a native Chinese without cultural barrier, but rather, would like to figure out what I think and like. Neuland-Medien is calm and enlightened, therefore, particularly as an online company it has the ability and intention to think big.
I have found that is really promising to have future vision on what Neuland-Medien can do, and even more, what we can do together to push different countries and cultures into limitless situation.

What I have been doing for weeks is to research the contemporary Chinese social media usage and report it in the approach of Neuland-Medien. I was amazed when I had been told to be free to find a point that I am interested with to start. And this indeed motivated my researching and inquiring mind. The social media what I have been used to deal with is totally a blank page in other people’s eye. This is my first try to put myself in the western social media life style and make compare and contrast on both German and Chinese. Furthermore, I have to make my illustration as simple and clear as possible. But to achieve this, a plenty of data and analysis are demanded. Fortunately, I have my interesting starting point which is able to push me forward and further down. It is also a nice chance to rethink of our daily social media usages. And even I am allowed to make bold imagination and prediction on the trend of social media using and suggest some methods on what we could do to branding on them. The meaningful work is to stand at the point of view of non-Chinese. What could German use to communicate with Chinese on Chinese social media? What about the language border when English is not applicable? What could be done to let Chinese market get closer to German business? Keep a question in mind and try hard to find a solution. This is what I have been motivated to do here with Neuland-Medien.

How time flies! I am always feeling sad to say good bye, especially with this warm team and fair environment. I wish this is not a departing point, but rather, a homing place that all of us can drop in. Like the hospitality I received from Neuland-Medien and Rheda-Wiedenbrueck and Germany, I would say to all of you, “Herzlich willkommen in China”!